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They helped me through the entire concept – from start to where I am now. Anyone starting a business should seek assistance from SBDC.


From serving in the U.S. Navy to serving her community as a business owner, Erica Postway understands putting in hard work and dedication to achieve her goals. With her experience in interior design and real estate, Erica wanted to start a construction company to assist in building her community. She founded PTY Contractors, LLC to specialize in roofing, home remodels, and commercial renovations. Setting a goal to also become a woman and veteran-owned government contractor, she sought the expertise and assistance of the Florida PTAC and the Florida SBDC at UNF.

Seeking information on getting started with government certifications, Erica Postway first visited the Florida PTAC at UNF for a Woman-Owned Small Business Certification workshop. Teaching the course was Procurement Specialist, Kaitlyn Saavedra. Erica and Kaitlyn continued their conversation after the workshop and began consulting to create a government contracting strategy for Erica’s beginning business. Kaitlyn looked at her entire business concept to assist with branding, finances, and marketing strategy. With a business foundation set, Erica and Kaitlyn put together a plan for obtaining government certifications and winning contracts.

“From designing my logo and helping picking out colors using psychology and color theory to getting ready to start marketing my business, Kaitlyn helped me get to where I am now,” says Erica.

From market research to certification applications, Kaitlyn assisted Erica in obtaining her WOSB and SDVOSB certifications for federal contracting; MBE, VBE, and WBE certifications for state contracting; and JSEB certification for local contracting. Erica has also obtained her DBE certification in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.

While Erica has accomplished many milestones in contracting certifications, her greatest success this past year was learning how to team and joint venture with larger firms. Even through a pandemic, Erica continues to put hard work into growing PTY Contractors, LLC and finding success. Her sales have tripled and her customer base has expanded from Northeast Florida into the Gulf Coast and Texas. This provided the opportunity to move from a home-based business into an office space and hire a part time employee.

Together, Kaitlyn and Erica continue to work on her contracting and marketing strategy, including PTY Contractors, LLC’s new website and updated capability statement. Erica’s goal for moving forward is to seek and win more contracts in the federal and commercial markets.

When asked her favorite part of running her business, Erica shared, “It is what I’ve learned from Florida SBDC and Florida PTAC and sharing it with others. It can be hard finding companies that are willing to take a chance with smaller companies.”

For anyone looking to start a business or start contracting with the government, Erica suggests, “Seek guidance from the Florida SBDC and Florida PTAC. I’m serious. They walked me through everything. I truly appreciate the patience, trust, honesty, and friendship.”

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