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Success Story

Ivonne Ortiz and a cake

Sweet Treats by Ivonne

Seeing people captivated and smiling after they have tasted one of my creations is a delight.

Ivonne Ortiz started with a passion for creating edible art that helps people embrace happy memories through delicious treats.   In less than a year, she was able to turn that passion into a full-fledged business.  Sweet Treats by Ivonne was started with the mission to make their customers’ lives a little better by making them happy.

When Ivonne first started, she faced many of the challenges that most entrepreneurs experience, but with the help of Chris Abetz with the Florida SBDC at UNF, she was able to overcome most obstacles.

Chris assisted Ivonne with the information she needed to make decisions regarding products, pricing, packaging, marketing, and building her clientele.  He helped her to understand government policies and regulations that could impact her business. Says Ivonne, “The FSBDC is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs to understand the framework of a small business and the absolute essentials for growth”.

Sweet Treats by Ivonne is now expanding to add new classics in confections and wedding cake alternatives to the dessert table with the goal to make her clients’ big day even more special.

Chris continues to assist Ivonne by helping her maximize her unique talents, implement best business practices, and propel her into long-term growth and success!

Sweet Treats by IvonneIvonne Ortiz

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