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Taphouse Graphics

You strategically moved Taphouse Graphics from point A to point B before Lindee and I knew where point B was supposed to be.

Incorporated in 2009, Will and Lindee Shaw started Taphouse Graphics while in California, with clients primarily across California and in the Las Vegas market. As Taphouse grew and additional East Coast clients were added, the couple made the move across the country to raise their family in Jacksonville.

Taphouse Graphics designs authentic corporate identity and builds compelling brands for a variety of business customers across the country; strategy, design and communication provide the foundation of their award winning designs. While in CA they had used the services of the SBDC to start and grow their business, so when they made the move to Jacksonville they naturally thought of the Florida SBDC at UNF and reached out for a consulting session when they decided to expand their business.

Their work with the FSBDC at UNF started with Blake Stockton, who conducted a thorough review of their website and provided case studies that Will and Lindee could follow. Business Consultant, Kevin Monahan, provided networking advice and contacts, along with marketing and business planning assistance. Kevin also referred Taphouse to the ScaleUp North Florida program where Will and Lindee met Linda Teza Kulka, former ScaleUp Program Manager and now Business Consultant with the FSBDC at UNF who helped them recognize they needed to push outside their comfort zone and take on some additional risk if they were truly going to scale the business. The couple decided to go for it! They worked with Cathy Hagan, Business Consultant, to put their financial documents in order and applied for a loan.

As a result of the help they received, Taphouse secured both a $35k loan and a $45k line of credit that helped them make the decision to move the business out of their home, lease space and hire another designer. Linda, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst, has helped with behavioral assessments for all three full-time employees to help the growing organization start with a strong foundation. The assessments provided them with a better understanding of the existing team dynamics which has helped them spot gaps that can be filled with future hires. Plans are in the works to hire a sales person and a traffic manager as the business continues to grow.

Taphouse Graphics Will and Lindee Shaw

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